Pacman Google Logo (VIDEO, PICTURE): Doodle Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Iconic Game

What About Le French? Le Pac Man or Le Pac Homme!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtl9gO2dt_4


BREAKING: Large Air Spill At Wind Farm. No Threats Reported. Some Claim To Enjoy The Breeze. (PICTURE)

Now See How Social Media has a force? Im going now to get a paperbag , blow into it and put it away somewhere safe. If there is a global air shortage Im ready. If you would like a paper bag made from re-forested trees please send $4.99 to my facebook account. Please RT. Oh its not twitter? Thats why I can go on and on and.. Is this comment too long? Oh dear. I hope not.Oh! Oh! I feel a panic attack coming on. Oh,Oh,Oh ....Anyone got a paper bag?

Life in the Age of "Much Worse Than We Thought It Would Be"

My Headline : "Human Race To Undergo Mastectomy?" You see sea grass is going to be affected. The manatee, the sea cow live on sea grass. The word mantee comes from pre- columbian Taino word that means "breast" there for we lose the manatee we lose a breast. So "Human Race To Undergo Mastectomy" looks frighteninglly accurate. I went to a huge aquarium. They had a manatee. It looked at me and I swear to god it sent out love. You ever looked into a creatures eyes? They can do that.

Congressman Compares Gulf Coast Oil Spill To 'Chocolate Milk,' Says It Will 'Break Up Naturally'

The Oil Slick is now bigger than Puerto Rico, over 9000 sq kilometers. I live in Co. Offaly Ireland. The slick is 5 times bigger than my whole county. We could lose the manatee. The manatee comes from manati (Puerto Rican Pre Columbian word The Taino) It means "breast". So the Human Race Is To Undergo A Mastectomy?

Congressman Compares Gulf Coast Oil Spill To 'Chocolate Milk,' Says It Will 'Break Up Naturally'

WTF? I Say Again WTF? Ref : http://coxswain.wikispaces.com/Effects+of+Marine+Pollution "When oil enters the sea, many physical, chemical and biological processes act on the oil. Many changes happen at once - the slick moves and spreads and environmental processes alter its character. Some of the processes are most important immediately after the spill and other processes become increasingly important as time goes on. Spreading Oil is lighter than water, so it floats on the surface as a slick. The slick (or spill) spreads over the surface of the water due to the force of gravity. Spreading decreases steadily as time passes. Dissolution Occurs when the water-soluble components of oil break down into the large volume of water surrounding the spill. Only a very small percentage of oil dissolves. " Who Is This Moron?


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